UST (Underground storage tank) removal “permanent closure”

This activity is removing USTs that are registered with ADEQ. The State Fire Marshall’s Office permits this operation, and witnesses the tank removal for safety purposes. A State Fire Marshal is also there as an ADEQ representative to witness the soil sampling.

The first step is to purge the oxygen and fuel from the USTs to make them safe for removal. Large cylinders of carbon dioxide gas are used to purge.

After the tanks are completely excavated, a crane is used to remove them – these are 10,000 gallon steel tanks that held gasoline and diesel fuel as well as racing gasoline for boats that operated on the Colorado River.

Soil sampling is the next step before the excavation is backfilled. The soil sample is taken to an Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) certified lab for analysis to see of the USTs leaked. Piping and dispensers are also sampled.

The tanks are transported to a salvage yard for scrap metal.